Goodsell Deluxe Amps

1x12 cabinet is the basis for our most popular models.  Constructed of solid-finger-joined pine, these cabinets are light and resonant, with tweed-era floating baffle board.  16"h x 20"w x 9.5"d  25-30lbs depending features.

The Super 17 MkIV This is the current version of the one that started at all.  With the exact same circuit as the very first unit, the 17 now boasts standard spring reverb, award-winning bias-vary tremolo, and a cathode-follower powered tone stack that doesn't detract one iota from the original's sparkly character.  With new bass and treble controls and a 3-way midrange switch, the Mark IV is as friendly with humbuckers as it is single coils.  EL84 power tubes, GZ34 rectifier, three 12AX7s and a 12AU7.  Standard speaker is the Goodsell RGH by WGS, and is strikingly similar to the G12H30…………..From: $2099.00

DSC_7537 copy

Goodsell Super 17 MkIV in WINE TAURUS

V6 MkIV: 
the V6 is very similar in appearance and features to the 17 Mark IV, but with classic 6V6 power tubes. Can be upgraded w/ WGS Black and Blue Alnico speaker for a tweed deluxe vibe…………From: $2099.00

chrome panel

Goodsell + Models w/ Chrome Plated Steel Chassis -  Gold Sparkle Super 17 MkIV 

About payment… 
I accept cash, check, credit cards, and Pay Pal. There may be certain incentives available depending upon how and when you pay for your new amplifier.  For example, if you pay for the amp completely by credit card when you place the order, I would probably be inclined to waive transaction fees and shipping.  Other incentives may apply for quick payment, depending upon the individual build.  Alternatively, I ask for a 50% deposit when ordering and the balance upon completion, which is typically 4-6 weeks.  Either way, you are completely involved in the outcome of your personal build.

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