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Goodsell Amps is celebrating our 10th Anniversary by kicking off a video blog. We will use this forum to answer questions regarding guitar amplifiers (vintage and the booming boutique market), the Goodsell amp line, music in general, guitars, pedals, and anything & everything related. 

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Goodsell Artist Tomi Martin

Blog #1 June/2015 Introduction
Blog #2 June/2015 Custom v. Deluxe
Blog #3 June/2015 Speakers pt1
Blog #4 July/2015 Rectifier Tubes
Blog #5 Rectifier Tubes #2
Blog #6 Dawg Days o’ Summer Sale
Blog #7 Super 17 and the 6V6 Explained
Blog #8 Creating your custom Goodsell Amp
Blog #8 Part Two March/2016 Creating your custom Goodsell Amp
Blog #9 Goodsell Bedroom Amp
Blog #10.0: Goodsell Tweed Series 5F2 based amps, the Need for Tweed.

Goodsell Blog 10.5: Need for Tweed. a closer look 

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